Kinetic Voice Training Program

Outline (can be taken in any order)

As Light Workers, it is necessary to engage in practices that keep our body, mind, spirit and emotions cleared of unnecessary tension, toxins and patterns that block the Light. In this training, you will learn specific vocal, breathing, movement and rhythmic tools that help release constriction and activate your Light Body. You will also learn tools to create social cohesion and connect deeply to the realms of nature and spirit. You will be empowered to voice your vision and value. As awareness of our inherent brilliance magnifies, so does our ability to serve, love and heal.

Phase i - Chakra chants

Chakra Chants and Movements for Healing & Empowerment

Activate your unique voice using sound healing combined with simple dance movements and mudras. Enhance the vibrational power of your voice and be empowered to voice your vision and value.

The Kinetic Voice Chakra Chant Training is an in-depth introduction to the KiVo practice. All sessions, chants, choreography, manual and homework are uploaded to a password protected page on this website so you can review at any time. Next class dates: Jane 5, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 2020. Cost: $797 if paid in full or $297/3 months (Mar, Apr, May)

This program is designed to:

  • Empower your voice, activate your body

  • Release stress, tension, trauma and toxins

  • Improve self worth

  • Move stuck energy

You will learn:

  • Addison’s unique Chakra Chants for the Seven Primary Chakras

  • Five Specific Choreographic Movements for each Chakra

  • How to use the vibration of your own voice to spin, clear and activate the Chakras

  • Vocal, Listening and Breathing Techniques

  • To throw off old patterns that do not serve

  • Observe and listen where energy is stuck in others t so you can help to clear what is obstructing them

So You Can:

  • Voice Your Vision & Value

  • Liberate the Wise Voice Within

  • Use Your Voice as a Transformational and Spiritual Healing Tool

  • Teach this to others in your classes, programs and sessions. KiVo works on it’s own or as an accompaniment to other modalities of healing and movement therapies.

  • Be an active listener of your own inner voice and the wise voices of nature surrounding us


Being a good listener is an important tool for helping others. We will listen to the wise voices surrounding us, in nature, in ourselves and in others.

Phase II - embodiment

Developing Social Cohesion and a Sense of Belonging with Song, Dance and Interactive Play

Singing assists in developing memory and encoding knowledge, as does rhythm, which teaches through repetition. Many of the teachings given to young ones are done so with rhythm, rhyme and melody in order that they may remember important safety and survival skills, codes of conduct, behavior, attitudes and lessons. Music is processed in numerous parts of the brain including the language center, the emotional center or amygdala, the nucleus accumbens, the motor cortex, sensory cortex, auditory cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus which supports memory and the corpus callosum which connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Such mental activity causes a sense of well-being and supports brain growth even as we age.

In Africa, songs are part of everyday life. In Kenya and Tanzania, I was greeted with a song and dance and was welcomed into community circles beneath the trees and then offered a cup of tea and a sweet potato. I felt welcomed and included and learned a lot about my hosts because I heard the sound of their singing voices. You will explore the sound of your own voice and others in this program.

You will learn:

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  • Invocation of the 4-Directions and corresponding elements through dance and chant

  • Exploration and study of Shaking Medicine - Learn to shake off, shake in place

  • Exercises in keeping steady Rhythm on a drum, a rattle, and with your feet

  • Songs from around the World

  • Social Cohesion and the Dance-Song

  • Interactive Rhythmic Play, Hocketing and Improvisation

  • Cost: $797 if paid in full or $297/3 months

phase III - metaphysics of sound

In India, the Mystics spent long hours listening to a single note and could discern the smaller frequencies or harmonics inherent in that sound. They understood that "All notes are contained within the one." From this one note all others arise as all beings are made manifest from the one Divine being and all colors are contained within white Light. The mystics HEARD this knowing.  Their music is based on singing IN TUNE with the primary note and it's harmonics.

It is understood that sound vibrations created by the voice can refine and attune the bodily systems, Nadis, mind and intellect. When music is practiced to transform the personality or ego into total absorption with the Divine, then it becomes Nada Yoga and this is the foundation for devotional chant.

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Cost: $297 - two days tbd

  • The Physics and Metaphysics of Sound

  • You as an expression of Sacred Sound

  • Tuning with the harmonic series

  • Developing Your Voice as an Instrument of the Divine

  • Instruction in Toning, Chant, Mantra and N. Indian Classical Raga Singing

  • Breathing Techniques for the voice and meditation

  • Asanas, Movements and Mudras that relate specifically to the vocalizations

  • Music by Lis Addison and other Composers to develop support your practice

phase iv - Akashic records

Learn to Open Your Akashic records for Wisdom & Guidance

Learning to open your Akashic Records can help you uncover your deepest wisdom and set you on a path of actualization. It can provide clarity to many unanswered questions. Working in the Akashic Records gives you tools to navigate your life with greater precision and purpose and release old karmas and patterns. It is a beautiful adjunct to any spiritual practice and leads us to greater compassion.

In this Course you will learn to open your Akashic Records and listen to the voice of your Akashic Record Keepers. You will be guided by their high vibration and wisdom. Accessing our Akashic Records is one of the most powerful ways we have to receive our soul's purpose and path. You will receive important information to fulfill your life's destiny and support others on their earth walk. CLICK HERE for further information about the Akashic Records Training.

You will receive access to your Akashic Records with a vibrational key that can:
• unlock your true potential
• heal old wounds
• clear old patterns
• set you on the Path you were meant to take

You will:

  1. Learn a vibrational key (a sacred prayer) to access your Akashic Records.

  2. Have access to a profound realm of unconditional love.

  3. Explore the art of formulating questions to support your growth and enhance your life.

  4. Receive clarity about why certain patterns exist and guidance about how to shift these.

  5. Learn to access profound wisdom and clarity to navigate your life with greater precision and purpose.

  6. Understand certain karmas.

  7. Spend time practicing to access your Akashic Records so you can learn to receive deep and powerful information and develop a relationship with your Keepers.

  8. Learn additional healing tools and prayers.

  9. Practice with a supportive community.

Cost: $447 Includes manual and prayers and will be in-person in Los Altos, CA or ONLINE

Saturday & Sunday, JANUARY 11 & 12, 2020, Noon-5:00pm


Further details will be provided when you make your deposit upon registration.


“A sense of belonging, purpose and concern for the greater good of the whole web of life.” C. Cummns