"It was freeing and empowering to be in a space where I was encouraged to express fully with my voice and every part of my body. The depth of emotional release I was able to experience was life changing." - S. Clerico

"I'm no longer holding back. My voice is flowing out and I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of who I am or what I am talking about, and am letting emotions out with my voice. People ask me if I'm a teacher. They are hearing me." - E. Zorn


"I reclaimed my voice in deep ways, cleared my chakras, and experienced ecstatic joy. And KiVo helps me cope with a chronic health condition, by often dissolving my symptoms in just one hour. I believe KiVo is the medicine that our planet needs right now in our quests for restoring balance for humanity."-  I. Harville


"I'm using my voice more freely and I'm so much more confident." - Y. Ben-Tsvi



"During my training, I felt remarkably clear openings in my mind, body, spirit and dreams. The gifts I received were clearly marked for serving the evolution of humanity." - B. Kalaway


"I felt something change in my body and spirit, and I knew that KiVo was a practice that I wanted to dive into. Later this instinct was confirmed by my body as I had the best bowel movement of my life. It might sound weird, but after caring for both of my elderly parents to their deaths, I know that a BM is an EVENT. It can make or destroy our day, especially as we get older. So when my body showed me that something profound had happened in my guts, I thought to myself, “Holy shit! There’s really something to this!" - A. Gabriel


"KiVo is a great method for growth and development - As well as connecting to roots and tradition." - T. Gerber


"I'm feeling more freedom to express my authentic self, and am excited to know that I can share this gift with others." - E. Wells


"KiVo for youth and children works so well! It is a powerful tool for self confidence and as a tool to get to know "the real me" and be proud of it. This is something we need in the educational system; self development for children. KiVo is giving it to them!" - N. Natarajan


"I feel the kinetic voice helps me to embody and transmit my gifts to the world. Thank you Lis!" - Dr. Heidi Keller.


"Lis has an amazing ability to see someone's true potential and inspire them into productivity. Thank you Lis!" - T. Connn


"I am incredibly inspired by Lis and I am forever grateful to her for creating KiVo. It has changed my life and I believe that it is going to change the world!" - T. Gosnell

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"KiVo is very energetically and spiritually uplifting. KiVo will leave you feeling detoxified and cleansed." - JJ. Omelagah


"KiVo is a pathway to convening groups of people together to create community. The chanting helps to empower their voices, and the dancing is a beautiful way to create the caring and compassion to value themselves and each and every other person in the group." - C. Cummins


"KiVo gave me my voice. I will use KiVo in workshops, retreats and rituals with the purpose of helping people find their voices and engage with their bodies." - J. McElroy


"This work is very empowering. You help people offer their gifts. The world would be a different place if we all did this." - Anne Grundig


"In addition to her professionalism and her insightfulness, she is an incredibly compassionate person who cares about the well-being and success of her clients." - P. Douglass


I experienced a sense of permission to express my voice in song." - D. Erwin


"I have experienced deep therapeutic effects from KiVo, reconnecting to my body after suffering an injury. KiVo informed me itʼs time to drop the baggage and “lighten the load," to shine my true potential! The sounds of the chants and laughter sing to my heart and the cells of my body and I feel more clear and confident.- A. Schumacher

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"KiVo offers a Profound Remembering of who we Truly Are as Sacred Beings of Light, providing a Brilliant Tool to LIVE our Potential FULLY & AUTHENTICALLY. KiVo facilitates Healing on All Levels. Thank You Lis, from the Fullness of my Heart!" - G. Cunha 

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• "This work is very healing. It is vibrational. Once you let it in and get beyond all the ego of 'can I do it?' it's very grounding, very stabilizing." - R. Maltz

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• "Taking online KiVo with Lis Addison and learning how sound can help release trauma, stress, tension, anxiety and PTSD . . .  I see what a profound affect this could have on students in the future. Since music can be a part of transitions, learning and breaks, it is something that can be easily incorporated into schools." - K. Krumholz

"All the work we did had me in such a state of openness, tears ran down my face as I worked through blockages and stagnant energy." - T. Al-Khudhairi

"KiVo is as a voice for the Earth." - M. Skinner

"The ancestors were pouring libations on the ground saying 'this is the real thing.'" - I. Harville

"I"ll never forget how you just walked up to Steven and went 'poof' and opened his Third Eye. It was so Gangsta!" - Devi M.

"Thank you for standing for all of us and showing so may people how to be the Light and spread the Light when we don't know how." - K. Hardin