Q: What is Kivo?

A: A program that includes vocalizations, singing and chanting combined with simple movements, rhythmic clapping and interactive group play. The intention is to learn to use the voice and body as transformational tools, to voice your vision and value and connect to the self and others on a deeper level.

Q: Do I need experience in music or dance to do KiVo?

A: No. This is not a performance, folks. Basically everyone can do it. You'll probably find you are better at this stuff than you thought you were! 

Q: How is singing healthy for us?

A: Research has shown that singing, vocal toning and chanting release endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and hydrocortisone. These are feel-good and anti-stress hormones. Singing also releases proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies. Moving does the same, so we get a double whammy.

Q: How can KiVo encode knowledge?

A:  Processing and listening to music is an orchestration of various brain regions, from the emotional center, to the language center, to the pleasure center. Research shows that rhythmic repetition and rhyme help us remember and therefore have been used to teach us since time immemorial. 

Q: How does this work to build teams?

A: Many of our KiVo exercises and processes are done in a circle or in small pods. This provides an opportunity for eye contact; the sharing of upbeats and downbeats; working together cooperatively and getting a little silly. There is no judgement in the KiVo Circle. Everyone is encouraged to work together and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Our ancestors did this for aeons!

Q: What is an art form with purpose?

A: A teapot can be considered a ceramic sculpture with a purpose. We feel that KiVo is a vocal and movement program that serves the purpose of liberating the being. From our perspective, song and dance are not the solitary domain of the performer. They are the birthright of the human family. They can be used for fun, for healing, for guidance and for community building. They are useful art forms that everyone in the human family can enjoy! Little kids do it all the time.

Q: What is the wise voice within?

A: Your subconscious, your gut feeling, your higher self or your internal compass. Our intention is to help you connect to that internal voice of knowing and reason more easily.

Q: What are the Chakras? 

A: Traditionally taught to us from esoteric Yogic texts, the Chakras are understood to be  wheels of energy that are created when the Nadis intersect. Nadis are energy currents in the body. From a scientific point of view, the Chakras relate to clusters of nerve ganglia in places like the solar plexus, heart and pineal gland. They are receptors of vibration so they  respond to sound and color and can affect your day to day performance and mood.

Q: How do you unlock the Chakras? 

A: Due to stress, trauma and a lot of sitting, it is believed that the Chakras, which are designed to spin, can become clogged and stuck. Since KiVo is the conscious application of vocal vibration and subtle movement, when we focus on each Chakra, we can help it to spin. This "clears" or "unlocks" the Chakras and contributes to the bodies natural flushing system. 


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