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Hire Founding Director, Lis Addison, to bring KiVo to your Company, University, Class, Studio or Gathering.  Contact

Hire Founding Director, Lis Addison, to bring KiVo to your Company, University, Class, Studio or Gathering. Contact


Kinetic Voice (KiVo) empowers people of all races, ages and religions to voice their vision and value and access the wise voice within. Many individuals, particularly women, have a difficult time voicing their opinions and making themselves heard. This can be due to a multitude of reasons, but personal observation has shown that individuals who had their singing voices silenced at a young age have a harder time voicing their opinions. Without knowing it, many adults have a tight and blocked throat chakra, making it harder to speak outwardly and confidently. Through the KiVo practice and the song/dance tradition, the voice is able to come forward, be freed, the throat chakra cleared, and the spirit empowered. Through simple exercises and processes, KiVo can help bring about positive change and empowerment of voice, body, mind, and spirit, and encourage personal and global healing.


Kinetic Voice is a whole body approach to health and well-being. It helps clear stuck energy, tension and emotional knots. KiVo boosts the immune system, helps relieve trauma, and increases endorphin production and dopamine levels through the simple act of singing, chanting and vocal toning. Studies and personal observation have shown that the power of song and dance help to relieve stress, self doubt, improve productivity and creativity, diminish pain, and strengthen communities. Research also shows that when we use our bodies and voices together, more areas of the brain are firing, forming new neural connections and encouraging growth as we age. It develops and improves memory and encodes knowledge, storing it in both brain and muscle memory.


As we engage in simple sounds and movements, our minds start to unlock into a meditative and playful state liberating us from the thoughts and behavior patterns that can run our lives and guiding us instead to our inner voice of wisdom. When we pay attention to this voice, it can act as a compass that provides direction for our life’s purpose. Additionally, specific KiVo chants and movements are designed to unlock the chakras and allow a healthy flow of energy run between the body, mind, spirit and emotions which provides clarity and feelings of balance, centeredness and renewal. Since Kinetic Voice contributes to a sense of working and sharing together through interactive, rhythmic play, it creates social cohesion, and can help us connect with others in our circles to offer up our own voices for guidance and leadership. This frees up space for each person’s voice to be heard and for the wisdom of the circle to emerge.

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KiVo frees up your authentic voice, inspires you to voice your vision and value, and helps you identify and live the life you were designed for. In most instances we have seen, this design includes making the world a better place. KiVo inspires the individual to speak out, be bold, be confident, and secure in oneself. It is a practice of self awareness and communal bonding. It is an art form with purpose.

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