September 16-November 11: KiVo Leadership Training Online Course

August 8 & 10: Nada Yoga and Inner Music Theory Globe Sound Healing Institute, 10am-1pm PDT, $50/Session

August 6: KiVo at Globe Sound Healing Institute, San Francisco, 6:30-9:30pm, $50/Session

July 29 & August 5: Nada Yoga and Chakra Chants Globe Sound Healing Institute, 10am-1pm PDT, $50/Session, Online Course

July 8-August 12: Online Course KiVo Chakra Chant Training Leadership Training

June-17~KiVo at Northern California Dance Camp, Central Valley, CA

June-14 & 15: KiVo at Globe Sound Healing Institute, San Francisco, 6:30-9:30pm, $50/Session

April-24-June 26: KiVo Leadership Training Online Course

1. Monday, April 24, 17:00 PST=19:00 Evanston, 2:00 Geneva/Toulouse

2. Saturday, May 13, 7:30 PST=9:30 Evanston, 16:30 Geneva/Toulouse

3. Monday, May 22, 17:00 PST=19:00 Evanston, 2:00 Geneva/Toulouse

4. Saturday, June 10, 7:30 PST=9:30 Evanston, 16:30 Geneva/Toulouse

5. Monday, June 26, 17:00 PST=19:00 Evanston, 2:00 Geneva/Toulouse

April 9~KiVo in Geneva Switzerland at Yoginimage

March 8, 14: Sound Healing Institute SF-KiVo Chakra Chants, Shaking Medicine and Nada Yoga (in-person) $50

3-5~Evanston, IL-Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio ~ KiVo Certification Course: Learn to lead a KiVo Circle Celebration including Clearing, Invocation, Activatation, Chakra Chants, Body Chants, Shaking Medicine, Blessings

February -28, 6:30-930pm $50 each session ~ Sound Healing InstituteHealing with Sound: KiVo Chakra Chants, Shaking Medicine and Nada Yoga, San Francisco CA

26~KiVo Circle and Web of Light Celebration: Singing Tree Studio, San Rafael, CA 4pm

January-07~Online 3-month Chakra Chant Training begins

4 & 14~Sound Healing Institute, online, 10am-1pm PST ~ Healing with Sound: KiVo Chakra Chants and Nada Yoga

30~Sound Institute, in-person: 6:30-930pm $50 per session ~ Healing with Sound: KiVo Chakra Chants, Shaking Medicine, Nada Yoga

November-11~Concert at Harmonia in Sausalito with Celso Alberti, Tony Saunders, Tom Finch

October-15~Online 3-month KiVo Leadership Training begins


3~KiVo at StarFish Dance & Yoga, W. Concord MA; 1-4pm
7~KiVo at Railroad Arts, Millford CT; 9:45-12Noon
9~The Well Spirituality Center, Geneva IL; 6:30-8:30pm
10~Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, Evanston IL; 2-5pm
11~Metamorphosis, Cedar Rapids IA; 1-4pm
14~Concert of Indian/African Fusion Music, Boulder CO; 6-7:45pm
17~KiVo at Dancing the Soul, Denver CO; 2-5pm
18~KiVo at TaoSatva, Taos NM; 4-7pm
19~Rewild Your Health & KiVo hike in Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos NM; 1-4pm                                                                             20~KiVo at Studio Nia, Santa Fe NM; 2:30-4pm                                                                                                                             21~KiVo Leadership Training, Final Meeting, Santa Fe, NM; 7-9:00pm
24~KiVo at Studio Lotus, Sedona AZ, 1-4-pm
25~Electro Tribal Ecstatic Chant Concert, 7 Centers Yoga, Sedona AZ; 7-9pm

August                                                                                                                                                                                                 4~Online: Chakra Chant Training, Sound Healing Institute                                                                                                       6~Online: Classical Raga Training, Sound Healing Institute                                                                                                       14~Sound Healing Institute, San Francisco CA; Body Chants
27~Newtown Yoga Festival, Newtown CT; Sound Healing
29~Salem NH; Private Ceremony

22~KiVo at Ecstatic Dance, Fairfax CA; 7:30pm
22-24~KiVo Chakra Chant Training San Rafael CA                                                                                                                   30~Online; final KiVo Leadership Training

“A sense of belonging, purpose and concern for the greater good of the whole web of life.” C. Cummns