Activate your light body with kinetic voice

"One of the best trainings of my life." B. Kalaway

Use your voice, movement and rhythm to activate the Light Body and provide you with skills for healing yourself and others. 

All training materials such as music, choreography and manuals are online and each training session is a webinar with Lis Addison that is posted online afterwards, so you can work at your own pace on a private, password protected page. The full training is 6 months. Payments are debited on the 1st of each month if you are making monthly payments. There is a discount for paying in full (see below). 

You will learn specific vocal chants, songs, specially crafted dance movements, protocols and healing methods.  You will receive teaching tools to help release stress, trauma, tension and outmoded patterns of behavior and thought. 

We will support you in voicing your vision and value and empower you to share your sacred gifts while helping others do the same.


june 19-July 31, 2018-Online

• Training A: Chakra Chants and KiVo Choreography • Learn KiVo's Foundational Practice, Physical and Energy Healing with specific Chants and Movements. We will meet from 7-8:30pm PDT on Tuesday evenings. 

September 4 - november 13, 2018-Online

• Training B: Learn to Lead KiVo Circles: Welcoming Chants, Songs, Dances, Invocations, Activations, Shaking Medicine, Intention Setting and Blessings; Body Chants, Global Family Songs, Ceremonial Songs, Steady Rhythm with Drum and Rattle. We will meet on a series of Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons: Tuesday-September 4, Saturday-Septemer 15, Tuesday September 25, Saturday-October 6, Tuesday-October 16, Saturday-October 27, Tuesday-November 6, Tuesday-Noveber 13

• COURSE OVERVIEW - You will receive:  

• Chants, Vocables, Global Family Songs, Original Music

• 108 Corresponding Movements & Choreography

• Vocal Techniques, Healing Techniques

• Study on the Physics and Metaphysics of Sound

• Shaking Medicine, Steady Rhythm Instruction

• Protocol for leading KiVo Circles, Proprietary Materials

• 54-Page Manual • Reading List (Four Books Required) • Private Password to Training Page with Music and Videos for study • Courses recorded for your convenience  11 Pillars of Empowerment Program • Discounted Akashic Sessions


• A final assessment will be given to become a Leader. When that has been satisfied, you will be eligible to become a Licensed KiVo Facilitator and will receive access to the Facilitators Login page containing 45 videos of choreography, music, music lists, connection to a rapidly growing KiVo Tribe and use of the KiVo logo and proprietary materials. 


COURSe is $347/MONTH for Six months or $1,997 if paid in full.

• Full payment entitles registrant to private session with Lis Addison.

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“A sense of belonging, purpose and concern for the greater good of the whole web of life.” C. Cummns