"KiVo was life-changing" Group in Evanston, IL

Bring KiVo To Work

• Do you dislike making speeches but they're part of your job?  

• Do you get paralyzed when you're on the spot and have to voice your opinion?

• Do you feel you have something important to contribute but are too shut down to voice it?

• Would you like to have a more communicative team that brings creative solutions to the table?

Then Bring KiVo to work. Support your voice, and your team's voices, to be heard-and I don't just mean whining-but meaningful messages and innate wisdom.

How? By learning to use your voice consciously. You will learn to:

• Use your voice and body as transformational tools

•  Experience the vibration of your own voice

• Build a communicative team

• Activate your message

• Be heard

We create a safe space where you become accustomed to using your voice, singularly and as part of team. So you can:

• Say what you mean

• Shake out the outmoded voice

• Voice your vision and therefore your value

• Learn to  listen and have a respectful ear for others


Call now: 415-847-8136 or email lis@kivokineticvoice.com