"KiVo was life-changing" Group in Evanston, IL

Bring KiVo To Work

• Do you feel anxious making presentations but they're part of your job?  

• Do you get paralyzed when you're on the spot and have to voice your opinion?

• Do you feel you have something important to contribute but are too shut down to voice it?

• Would you like to have a more communicative team that brings creative solutions to the table?

Then Bring KiVo to work. Support your voice, and your team's voices, to be heard with meaningful insights and innate wisdom. 

How? By learning to use your voice consciously, by observing somatic patterns and by using rhythm to enhance social synchrony.

You will learn to:

•  Release tension and trauma and build self-esteem

• Use your voice and body as transformational tools

• Voice your Vision and and therefore your Value

• Develop social cohesion for a communicative team

• Activate Your Message

We create a safe space where you become accustomed to using your voice, singularly and as part of team. So you can:

• Say what you mean

• Shake out the outmoded voice

• Learn to listen and have a respectful ear for others

Call now: 415-847-8136 or email lis@kivokineticvoice.com or click below to schedule an appointment