"It was freeing and empowering to be in a space where I was encouraged to express fully with my voice and every part of my body. The depth of emotional release I was able to experience was life changing." Steven C.

"KiVo is very energetically and spiritually uplifting. KiVo will leave you feeling detoxified and cleansed."  Jay Jay O.

"Taking online KiVo with Lis Addison and learning how sound can help release trauma, stress, tension, anxiety and PTSD . . .  I see what a profound affect this could have on students in the future. Since music can be a part of transitions, learning and breaks, it is something that can be easily incorporated into schools." K. Krumholz

"I"ll never forget how you just walked up to Steven and went 'poof' and opened his Third Eye. It was so Gangsta!" Devi M.

This work is very healing. It is vibrational. Once you let it in and get beyond all the ego of 'can I do it?' it's very grounding, very stabilizing." R. Maltz

"I'm no longer holding back. My voice is flowing out and I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of who I am or what I am talking about, and am letting emotions out with my voice." E. Zorn

"All the work we did had me in such a state of openness, tears ran down my face as I worked through blockages and stagnant energy." T. Al-Khudhairi

"KiVo is as a voice for the Earth." M. Skinner

"The ancestors were pouring libations on the ground saying 'this is the real thing.'" I. Harville

"Thank you for standing for all of us . . . and showing so may people how to be the Light and spread the Light when we don't know how." K. Hardin

 Hire Founding Director, Lis Addison, to bring KiVo to your Company, University, Class, Studio or Gathering.  Contact

Hire Founding Director, Lis Addison, to bring KiVo to your Company, University, Class, Studio or Gathering. Contact

Bring Your Voice to the Movement

Developed by Lis Addison, Kinetic Voice (KiVo) blends vocals, rhythm and movement and incorporates ancient methods like chant, sound healing, shaking medicine and ceremonial dance. It harnesses the power of the voice and body to transform, heal and purify and honors the sacred voice of the person making the sound.

Voice Your Vision and Value

KiVo empowers people of all races, ages and religions to voice their vision and value and access the wise voice within.

"As the individual voice is empowered, so is the global community." Lis Addison

produce endorphins

Kinetic Voice is a whole body approach to health and well-being. It helps clear stuck energy, tension and emotional knots; boosts the immune system and  increases endorphin production through the simple act of singing, chanting and toning.

connect with others

Stating Aah is primary to the human family - think Mama, Papa, Gaia, Amen, Allelujah, Shekina, Guan Yin, Buddha, Brahma, Da, Jah, Jehovah, Wakan Tanka, Xam and Aum.

Kinetic Voice teaches us how to use the voice and body for social cohesion and contributes to a sense of being toether. Your participation encourages this healthy activity to support communities in East Africa. CLICK HERE for more information.

rewire the brain

Neuroplasticity. Research shows that when we use our bodies and voices together, more areas of the brain are firing, forming new neural connections and encouraging growth as we age.

activate your light body

Kinetic Voice is a celebration. Our bodies are our instruments. As we engage in simple sounds and movements, our minds start to unlock into a meditative and playful state liberating us from the thoughts and behavior patterns that can run our lives. We are, instead connected to the brilliant Light of Love which is within and around us, always.